2017-2018 Season


I wanted to make you aware of a great opportunity that our team has been presented with by a company called Lucid Performance. Lucid Performance is creating a mental training app for athletes and the wrestling and girls basketball programs have been selected to test out the app over the summer for free. Ms. Tina Raspanti, a Psychology teacher at the high school has been working for the past several months to bring this collaboration with Lucid to life.

Please take a minute and read through the Lucid Mental Training Program materials linked below.


If you are a 9th grader and did not use Lucid with the team last season, use the following link to download the Lucid Mental Training App: ent


Lucid Mental Training Program for Mt. Lebanon Wrestling

(Please read about the Lucid Mental Training document linked above)


Downloading the Lucid App through iTunes

(If you have iTunes and want to learn more about the app)


Lucid Mental Training Assessment

(Please complete the Lucid Mental Training Assessment linked above)


Lucid Curriculum - Mt Lebanon Wrestling Weekly Log

(If you are unable to make practice, view the link above to view the title of the mental exercise that you should complete on your own so that you are keeping up with the group)


Lucid Mental Training Website